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10th-Apr-2008 11:45 am - Misc. Icons

1. Because everyone needs a tl;dr icon.
2. Inspired by skywardprodigal and lavendertook here.
3. Just for the pretteh!
22nd-Nov-2007 03:08 am - Icons: Arthurian Heraldry

Made with Blazon and the OldStyle SmallCaps font, to specs found here.

Orkneys!Collapse )

Grownups!Collapse )

Others!Collapse )
18th-Nov-2007 09:41 pm - Bases: Collections
I really like the look of massed objects, so... here. :)

50Collapse )
18th-Nov-2007 08:06 pm - Bases: Tea

30 totalCollapse )
14th-Oct-2007 06:54 pm - Bases: Herbs

40Collapse )
3rd-Aug-2007 08:04 pm - Icons: Firefly
A few Firefly icons, now that I've finally seen the whole thing.

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12th-Dec-2006 02:38 am - Icons: Roleplaying
I'm sure it's been done, and more to the point, posted by now. But here are mine, inspired by these RPing words of wisdom. In 7 different brilliant colors, plus variants for the foulmouthed among us.

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12th-Dec-2006 02:18 am - Icons: Arthurian
Arthurian icons! 'cause it's my most current obsession, and a birdie told me someone was looking for icons. ;)

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